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Based on these essential considerations, buy a water ionizer

We strongly advise anybody considering purchasing an alkaline water ionizer to read this detailed material thoroughly. Alkaviva has been selling alkaline water ionizers for over 15 years and has picked up a few tricks along the way. An alkaline water ionizer may be the most valuable purchase you have ever made. There are a number of important factors to consider, as well as a number of myths to sort through, so we prepared a checklist to share our expertise and help you make an informed choice.

How you would like to install it? Countertop or an under-sink?

The first thing to think about is how you intend to install your Water Ionizer. Water ionizers are available in counter-top or under-sink models. A countertop water ionizer will be installed immediately next to your sink and will be either linked to your tap or piped directly into your cold water supply (a very neat option). Countertop Water Ionizers are simple to install and do not require any particular expertise.

An Under Sink Water Ionizer, as the name implies, will have the body of your water ionizer installed under your sink and plumbed into your cold water supply, while a dedicated Water Ionizer faucet will be installed on the countertop over the sink (it will not replace your existing faucet, so you will have two faucets), the Water Ionizer faucet will have controls to control the pH alkaline/acidic settings, and much more. Under Sink, Water Ionizers are typically more expensive to purchase and install since they require the skills of a plumber, but they are a very clean and clutter-free alternative that many luxury kitchen owners choose.

The Ionizer’s Footprint

Some ionizers are large and not appropriate for tiny areas, so check the width, height, and depth before purchasing to guarantee they will fit in your kitchen.

Is the ionizer manufactured by one of the top water ionizer brands in the world?

This is critical; there are only very few Water Ionizer Brands from whom you should ever consider purchasing; all of these businesses have an established track record of dependability, performance, and good warranty support. We see new water ionizer brands come and go all the time, with low manufacturing standards, little or no support, and consumers having considerable difficulty getting units serviced or obtaining replacement filters.

Cheaper machines’ quality and production standards are also uncertain; in the past, some cheaper Chinese imports were known to degrade fast and leach lead and other hazardous compounds into the water, making it considerably more dangerous to drink than normal tap water. Purchase a machine from one of the top Water Ionizer brands.

What quantities of H2 or Molecular Hydrogen are created in drinking water with an alkaline range of 8.5pH to 9.5pH?

The H2 or Molecular Hydrogen content of the water has been scientifically and medically demonstrated to be the most significant advantage of consuming alkaline water. In fact, many experts believe that the only benefit of consuming alkaline water is its high H2 concentration. Not all Water Ionizers generate high-quality H2 levels, or they can only do so at extremely high pH levels that are neither pleasant nor recommended for drinking. Ionizers should be evaluated based on the amount of H2 they can generate at the recommended drinking water pH range of 8.5pH to 9.5pH. The new AlkaViva H2 line is the world’s best water ionizer for producing H2.

Water Filtration Efficiency

If you are going to spend more than €1,000 on a water ionizer, you want to be sure that all pollutants are filtered out of your water so that you and your family are getting the greatest quality filtered water possible. The AlkaViva H2 range Ultrawater filters, for example, remove 99 percent of impurities such as chlorine, chloramine, pharma, heavy metals, fluoride, and resilient contaminants such as chromium VI and arsenic to non-detectable levels

What negative -ORP levels can the water ionizer create in the alkaline range of drinking water, 8.5pH to 9.5pH?

A negative oxidation-reduction potential, or -ORP, is one of the properties of water containing dissolved Molecular Hydrogen. The negative -ORP levels that your Water Ionizer may create are a measure of how well your Water Ionizer performs in creating anti-oxidant water. Higher levels of -ORP are associated with higher amounts of H2. Higher negative ORP is created by lowering H+ concentration and increasing dissolved H2 or Molecular Hydrogen concentration, which is typically accomplished by increasing pH. Comparing the -ORP Levels that Water Ionizers can produce is a good way to compare performance; however, studies show that when the pH exceeds 10pH, -ORP is not a good measurement of the anti-oxidant quality of water because other factors enter the picture and distort the -ORP readings, making the water unsafe to drink.

pH Efficiency

What are the most acidic and alkaline pH values that can be achieved- As of 2018, all the leading Water Ionizer brands generate strong Alkaline water (11-12pH) and strong Acidic water (2-4pH). Previously, the highest and lowest pH levels that a water ionizer could reach were considered the primary benchmarks for the quality of the Water Ionizer; however, as indicated previously in this article, the H2 production quality in drinking water range 8.5-9.5pH is now the essential measure. However, pH is still very important; a Water Ionizer that produces very strong Acidic pH and very strong Alkaline pH water has a number of health and household benefits, for example, water with a very strong Acidic pH has a number of health benefits, including being used as an antiseptic and for skin conditions, as well as gardening, while water with very high Alkaline levels is excellent for cleaning and disinfecting.

What is the number of Electrode Plates on the Ionizer?

Ionizer plates are the engine of a water ionizer; in the past, it was assumed that a water ionizer was better simply because it had more plates; there was also an assumption that larger plates meant better performance; this was a heavily pushed marketing tactic used by companies such as Life Ionizers. In the last five years, water ionizer technology has advanced significantly, and all the major firms now utilize either titanium plates or titanium coated with platinum plates for optimal performance and lifespan. Technology, including mobile phones and other consumer gadgets, has shrunk and grown more efficient. The optimal number of plates is now thought to be 9 when utilizing 150w of electricity.

At drinking water 8.5-9.5 pH, 7 plate water ionizers typically offer 10-15% better H2 and -ORP readings than 5 plate water ionizers, while 9 plate water ionizers generally give 10-15% better H2 and -ORP readings than 7 plate water ionizers.

Although 11 Plate water ionizers outperform 9 Plate water ionizers somewhat at drinking water levels and create less waste acidic water, they require significantly more power and raise concerns about long-term plate deterioration. Larger plates require more power and as a result, plates have been known to degrade after 12 to 18 months. Furthermore, many water ionizers with 11 or 13 plates show no performance improvement over water ionizers with 9 plates; some can achieve slightly higher and lower pH levels, which has some benefits, but at the drinking water range (8.5-9.5pH), the results are negligible and often lower than 9 Plate water ionizers; also, 11 and 13 plate water ionizers show no performance improvement over 9 Plate water ionizers. Because of their high power consumption, water ionizers are particularly prone to limescale buildup.

If your budget allows, we propose a 9 plate water ionizer, such as the AlkaViva Vesta H2 Countertop Ionizer.


Water ionizers are not inexpensive, and as with other items, as the price rises, so does the quality, dependability, performance, customer service, and warranty. A high-quality Water Ionizer will cost between €2,000 and €3,000. Water Ionizer manufacturers often categorize their machines based on the number of Electrode Plates they have. 5 Plate Water Ionizers are typically priced between €1,300 and €1,500, with 7 Plate machines costing between €1,600 and €1,900, and premium 9 and 11 Plate Water Ionizers costing between €2,000 for Countertop Units and €3,500 for Under Sink systems.

 Ongoing Charges

The filters in most water ionizers must be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Because most premium water ionizers are dual filter devices, two filters must be replaced on a regular basis. Filter prices range from €90 to €99, with yearly operating expenses ranging from €90 to €190. However, filter quality varies significantly; dual filter water ionizers, on average, remove more pollutants than single filter water ionizers. AlkaViva filters, for example, are the most costly but by far the best-performing water filters available for a water ionizer.

Design Attractiveness

For many individuals, this is an essential issue; if you’ve invested in a beautiful kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your water ionizer matches. Many older Ionizers, as well as some of the newer models from Kangen, have quite dated clunky designs, whereas the newer batch of water ionizers from AlkaViva, in particular, feature stunning contemporary designs with smartphone inspired touchscreen interfaces that will be the highlight of any kitchen. While many people choose an under-sink water ionizer for a clean, clutter-free look.

Certifications – Does the ionizer have CE certification and is it manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 compliant factory?

This is critical; ionizers should have at least a CE certification, indicating that the device complies with EU laws on health and safety. Alkaviva Water Ionizers are all CE certified, and have ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, guaranteeing the highest manufacturing standards and practices are utilized in the creation of their water ionizers.

Careful:  businesses who try to offer you ‘Registered Medical Devices

This is included since it is a frequent marketing scare technique employed by some Ionizer firms. Alkaviva water ionizers is a registered Medical device in South Korea, Kangen Ionizers are registered Medical Devices in Japan, and Chanson Ionizers are recognized Medical Devices in Taiwan. Why is this not mentioned on our product pages? – Because none are registered medical devices in the EU, the United States directive. Do you see the issue here?

All the firms are recognized as medical devices in the nation where they are manufactured, but not elsewhere. Claiming to be a recognized medical device in one nation but not in the country where you are selling the water ionizer is a highly dubious sales strategy that should raise red flags for you if someone attempts to sell you a water ionizer on this basis. Some Ionizer companies utilize this marketing scare technique to avoid focusing on essential performance indicators. Ionizers should be benchmarked first and foremost on H2, -ORP, PH, and filtration performance, as well as the product warranty. Companies that try to offer you registered medical equipment should be avoided. If the ionizer has CE certification, it complies with stringent EU health and safety standards and focuses on water purity!

Do I live in a region with hard or soft water, and how will this affect my machine?

When shopping for a water ionizer, be sure to check to determine if you reside in a hard or soft water region. You should be able to acquire a hard water rating from your local water supply board. Water ionizers perform best when there is a slightly higher mineral content in the water (typically in hard water areas), but if the water is extremely hard, you should also take precautions to ensure that limescale does not damage your machine in the future by including a limescale inhibitor filter in your ionizer setup. To obtain the optimal H2, -ORP, and PH levels, you may need to add a remineralizing filter to your ionizer setup if you reside in a very soft water location with little or no minerals in the water.

Is the firm from whom you are purchasing an authorized dealer? Is it a well-established, VAT-registered Ionizer firm with its own dedicated EU service center?

Clearly, we are attempting to highlight our own unique selling points here, but we believe these aspects are critical. We have been selling water ionizers for over ten years and have extensive knowledge of the many brands on the market. Furthermore, we are a VAT registered firm, which means we pay VAT to Finance Department of Germany on all sales, but this also demonstrates that we are a significant business with a high enough turnover to be legally required to be VAT registered. Many small merchants selling water ionizers are individuals who are not VAT registered or registered as a company, and so do not provide you with the same consumer protections as you would if you purchased from a corporation like ours.

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