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How does alkaline water boost the antioxidant potential of tea?

Water is the only beverage that can fulfill your taste and thirst. It is the universal drink that has ensured human survival for millennia and will continue to offer us the endless amount of refreshment we’ve all learned to appreciate.

With technological breakthroughs came the development of alkaline water. You’ve probably heard that it has the potential to be beneficial to the human body, but these benefits have been proven and evaluated. People are gradually beginning to drink alkaline water every day, and it’s not surprising that more and more are doing so.

Aside from its hydrating properties, it also possesses colon-cleansing, anti-aging, and weight reduction properties. But, aside from the health benefits, did you realize it may also be a tasty addition to your tea?

Tea and Alkaline Water: An Interesting Pairing

Is it any wonder that two of the world’s healthiest components would be a fantastic match? Tea has enough antioxidants to fight free radicals and other dangerous chemicals. The same is true for alkaline water with a high negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), which provides its antioxidant properties.

By combining these two solutions, you may achieve amazing results that will elevate your health to a whole new level. It’s a chance to combine two things that are already great in their own way!

How Does Alkaline Water Benefit Tea?

A few variables demonstrate the beneficial benefits of alkaline water on tea, therefore enhancing it in every way. Here’s how it works:

How Is Alkaline Water Good For Tea?

A few aspects demonstrate the beneficial effects of alkaline water on tea, therefore enriching it in every way. Here’s how it works:

It enhances the flavor of tea

If you’ve ever had foreign tea, you’ll know that it’s a little bitter. Of course, not all teas have this flavor, but that is the most common flavor that you will receive out of the bag.

Using alkaline water in your drink will not only lower its harshness but will also make it more pleasant, allowing you to relax like you’ve never before.

Staying fit and healthy entails more than simply getting in some daily activity

In order to eliminate free radicals in your body, you must also control your food and drink healthy beverages.

Using alkaline water in your tea can boost its catechins, a component is better known by its popular name — antioxidants. When it appears that water itself is enhancing tea’s beneficial effects, this is because it is.

It Increases the Gallic Acid Of Tea

Don’t be scared off by the notion. Gallic acid is essentially an antifungal and antiviral component found in teas. Alkaline water, like the second pointer, has the capacity to boost these components, making it a formidable remedy against undesirable organisms in your body.

Combining the two results in a far better tea time than your typical afternoon break.

How do I prepare tea using alkaline water?

Making tea requires the highest water setting on your water ionizer (Alkaline Level 5 from Alkaviva). A higher pH indicates more beneficial effects, so water with a higher pH is more advantageous. Remember that the water used in the study referenced in this article had a pH of 10. As usual, brew your tea. Remember that your tea will brew in less time. Your tea will be smoother, have more aroma, and contain more antioxidants than if you used pure water!


The mix of tea and alkaline water is one you never realized you needed. While traditional protein shakes and milk are beneficial to your health, a far better and less expensive alternative is easily accessible for your use.

Invest in this mixture and you will see a difference in your body over time. Remember, free radicals and fungus are never good, therefore increasing your catechin and gallic acid levels is the key to much better health!

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