Cassata Dessert Bowl Set


Terracotta glazed square and curved-shaped Cassata dessert bowl set give and unique outlook to your dining table. Stoneware design and matt outer surface.

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The Cassata dessert bowl set is particularly designed for single-color creamy desserts. This has a unique shape. The edges are curved and also squared. This stoneware design and the terracotta color-glazed surface give an extraordinary rich look to the table. The outer surface is matt finished. It holds in the hand nicely and the grip is solid.

This contains one large bowl and six (6) serving bowls and 6 spoons. This set is for six guests.

Large bowl

W (diagonal): 21.8cm

W (square): 20cm

H: 8cm

Small serving bowls

W (diagonal): 12cm

W (square): 11cm

H: 5cm


L: 13.5cm


Dimensions of each item in the set


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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm