Fijitas Tableware or Dinnerware Set


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fijitas tableware or dinnerware dining set for the whole family or your special occasion

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Fijitas tableware and dinnerware set has a unique shape and color combination. The brown yellowish inner and outer glazed surface and irregular edge. A very black burned edge design, ideal for a charming occasion.

This is an authentic, handmade, and hand-glazed tableware and dinnerware set. Included one of each of the following:

Dinner plate:
– 255×30 mm / 10×1.18 ”
– 0,8 kg / 27 US oz

Salad plate:
– 186×23 mm / 7.23×0.9 ”
– 0,65 kg / 22.9 US oz

Dessert dish:
– 145×50 mm / 5.7×1.96 ”
– 0.4 kg / 14.1 US oz

Large side Bowl or dish:
– 205×64 mm / 8.07×2.51 ”
– 0.6kg

– Natural clay
– Lead-less glaze

Fijitas dinnerware set that links traditional design. Simplicity, color, and clean lines make this pottery a masterpiece of timeless design. Created by our team of artisans, to show affection towards the material we are working with.

Inner and outer surfaces are glazed. Also, it is leveled and polished to the smoothness of the clay and preventing it to absorb water and dirt. This is glazed and tempered at 1000 C and heat-resistant to be used both in the oven, microwave oven, and dishwasher safe.

Since each piece is handmade, small deviations in color, shape, and dimensions are possible.
Color shadings and Irregularities are intentional and underline the character of this particular ceramic. This set is handmade in our pottery workshop and carefully packed in a recycled cardboard box.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm