Perfect Pitcher Replacement Filter


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(Fits Brita™ pitchers pre-2015)

An affordable, easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful contaminants. Basic carbon filters used in many well-known brands reduce chlorine but little else. Our UltraWater filtration reduces chlorine, pharma, heavy metals including arsenic and lead, fluoride and many others, up to 90% or better. Many contaminants are reduced to 99.9%.

Our certified independent test results prove this is the best pitcher filter you can buy. Capacity is 180 litres – Recommended replacement filter is monthly.


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The new H2 range of Alkaviva Ionizers are designed and developed to the highest possible international standards with 16 top certifications including ISO 9001 and 14001, UL standard for Low voltage electrical, NRTL, CE and KFDA.

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